I’m Imani, Nice to Meet You~

Hi yah! ・こんにちわ〜!・’sup!

I’m Imani K. Brown (ブラウン・イマーニK. ❀ IKB), aka ipukekawaii 
tattoos/ art + Japanese culture = myKawaii

I am a DC/ Japan based tattoo artist, illustrator, and all around creative -aka- spaztastic kawaii otaku haha Basically, I create. I do kawaii things. And when the mood hits, I babble about cool and kawaii stuff!

Here’s a snippet of what I have going on professionally, but for a full introduction to my blog, please start here.

cropped-Untitled-3.gifCreative IKB

As a dreamer & creative, I’m always building on my brand, I.P. Brand Ink & Art Creative House (イッピー・ブランド) and sharing my artistic MISSAdventures! (more on creative IKBprofessional me)

As a Japan lover, I am a fan of Edo period Japan, with a love for kokeshi, manekineko (lucky cats), and daruma (Japanese wishing doll). There will be more about my obsession in the coming months. I thoroughly enjoy creating art and art installations based on kawaii culture, drawing from personal experience, with inspiration from black both Japanese culture.


Kawaii IKB・#DCtoJapan

I am a super kawaii and #kawaiiempowerment enthusiast. I travel to Japan twice per year as a working vacation and do my best to share my experiences, both online and in person. ^^ (check out kawaii IKB, where my passion projects and affiliations live <3)

Also, don’t forget to read my #DCtoJapan reads and photo spam!


Current Project

My current long-running project is Little INKPLAY Shop (#supportLIPS), an empowering private tattoo studio and kawaii culture hub for DC! Feel free to stop by, check out my efforts, or even get involved! ❤



・professional mantra, … Fine (tattoo) art should be the standard, not the exception
・daily mantra is, Remember to remember to paint everyday BRIGHT!

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